One of the highlights of being in a band is hearing your song on the radio.

It doesn't get better than that. Well, obviously headlining Glastonbury, touring the world and selling millions of records isn't bad either.

But hearing your song on the radio is up there. Your song sounds better on the radio somehow.

But with national radio stations judging artists on their stats as much as the tunes, there are little to no spot plays for new independent artists.

So Radio Fandango is attempting to give the best unheard new bands some exposure, and at the same time curate an exciting & vibrant program for new music lovers up and down the country.

And thanks to an Arts Council Project Grant we have been able to set up the platform but to now grow the station, build content and ultimately support the support bands, we need your financial help.

In the coming weeks, we will set up some detailed options of how you can become a Radio Fandango supporter.

It can be a small monthly donation or a bigger monthly donation.


A small one-off payment or a large one-off payment


You can sponsor a specific show or even become a sponsor of the station.


You can help with a specific cost like developing an app or running live band sessions.

And in return, we'll send you some gifts as a thank you - an ebook, a mug, a t-shirt, a sticker and a lucky dip album. Plus once gigs are up and running we can give you free tickets and access all area passes.

In meantime, we have set up a simple PayPal button above so whatever you can contribute to keep the Radio Fandango boat afloat is blooming marvellous and in return you will be helping to support the support bands and Radio Fandango will bring new music (and some comedy) to your ears!

If you have any questions please contact us here.