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Anoint My Head - How I Failed to Make it as a Britpop Indie Rockstar is a new music memoir and follow the Pointy Birds as they try to make it on the London toilet circuit in the early 90's pre the explosion of Britpop. It is written by our very own head honcho at Radio Fandango Andy Macleod. It is available as a paperback, ebook and audiobook and will be serialised on Radio Fandango next month.

‘Bland and inoffensive with a seriously over-acting singer’ NME

‘Captures the time and the aspirations of a young band brilliantly. A great eye-opener into the absurd thought process of what it might take to headline Glastonbury!' Steve Lamacq BBC 6 Music

‘You'll read this book in one or two sittings - it's pure pleasure. All the fun of youthful dreams and the poignancy of disappointment - plus a remarkable A-list cameo. Magnificent.’ Phil Harrison Time Out / Guardian 

‘Hilarious warts-and-all story of a Britpop band whose big ambitions did not meet their talents’ Dan Carrier Camden New Journal

'Very good read. I read the book over the weekend. Some really good memories I had forgotten about. Great days. I hope it goes on to sell millions!' Saul Galpen Nude Records

'Super-evocative, proustian and a wonderful walk down memory lane’ Mark Bowen Wichita Recordings

'This heartwarmingly tatty 'Withnail & I'-tinged glance back at a time before innocent indie dreams were stolen by digital streams is a must read for every lockdowned soul pining for just one more chance to see another bunch of over-ambitious sonic terrorists preening themselves in an under-ventilated gigging sweatpit.' Simon Williams fierce panda records