Calling all bands, podcasters and DJ's...

If you'd like to hear your music on Radio Fandango or run a podcast series you'd like us to feature, or want to curate/DJ a show, then please send your tunes, podcast or audition tape to

But before you do that please read these handy submission hints and tips: 

- Send us a listening link so we can hear your submission e.g. Soundcloud link (private or public).

- Send us an MP3 download link so if we feel your submission is suitable and we have space to feature it we can. (The Radio Fandango server currently only accepts MP3's)

- Get your personality across with a short and sweet email, nothing too formal e.g. no Dear Sir and Madam

- Include a brief bio if you are an artist / DJ or a brief synopsis if you're a podcast creator

- We'd love to have some artwork to use on the site so please send over track artwork or artist press shot or podcast artwork.

- Only send us music and podcasts that are finished and of a good enough quality for us to feature on the station.

- Please note that due to the number of submissions we receive we can't feature everything on the station or reply to all emails but if we like what you're doing we'll be in touch!

- Get creative and have fun!